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Fragrance sets, 4 * 18 ml, cardboard box

Fragrance sets , 4 * 18 ml, cardboard box

An excellent option option for a gift for a discerning person.
Packed in a luxurious gift box made of design cardboard in ethnic style, the four bottles of 18 ml each, from the AURA OF KAZAKHSTAN collection. Each fragrance in the set is provided with a vintage postcard of the corresponding theme in two languages.

You can create a set on your own according to your taste. Fragrances from a Point collection or a Flower collection, aromas dedicated to your favorite places or in general 4 bottles of your favorite fragrance - the configuration options are limited only by your imagination.

Volume: 4 * 18 ml
Total weight: 480 gr
Box dimensions: 26 * 14,5 * 5 sm

Ароматы Родной Земли в работах лучших европейских парфюмеров

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