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Author: Olga Znamenskaya







Aura Kazakhstan: a particle of eternity


Kazakhstan is often complain that nothing is produced in the country. And if it is produced, then the price/quality ratio is out of the question. But, the creators of the first Kazakh brand of niche perfumes Aura of Kazakhstan went against the prejudices to prove that the Kazakh perfume can meet the quality of world standards and at the same time be absolutely unique. What did the bold and bold aspirations of the founders of the brand "result" in, and what does the perfume smell like, which is based on the most unusual ingredients?

"Music of mountains", "The Legend of Tomiris", "Wind of the Great Steppe" ... The names of the fragrances remind of legends and ancient legends that have survived several generations, absorbing echoes of times that we will never witness again. They caress the ear, awaken the imagination, transfer to a world consisting of the most subtle feelings and emotions… At the moment, the collection of Aura of Kazakhstan perfume house consists of nine unique unisex fragrances created by famous perfumers from France, Great Britain, Spain and other European countries. It would seem that where are we, and where are the pampered Europeans, and what do they even know about a country located on the other side of the continent? In fact, the question is quite reasonable, and the answer lies on the surface. Only a foreigner can feel an unfamiliar country with such awe and enthusiasm. Although, it still takes time... The best specialists in their field, it took many months to get acquainted with the natural and urban landscapes of Kazakhstan, to study its rich and so diverse flora, to get into the spirit of ancient legends and legends…

First there was an idea

Olga Berner, CEO and founder of the brand, says that she has long dreamed of creating a unique product that could convey the beauty and uniqueness of Kazakhstan with the help of elegant images and allegories. So it was realized that you can combine the love of exclusive niche perfumes with the love of your native country. And at their junction, the project Aura of Kazakhstan was born – the aromas of the Native land in the works of the best European perfumers.


The first developments were fragrances that can recreate the atmosphere of the cities of Kazakhstan even in the most remote corner of the earth – the aroma of the young and rhythmic capital and the smell of the cozy and hospitable city of apples Almaty.


A little later, at the second stage, a clear vision of the further development of the brand appeared. Thus, the Geographical, Historical and Floral collections appeared in AURA. A tender was announced for the development of new fragrances, which was attended by more than thirty perfumers from all over the world. Many samples were received for the competition, but only seven of them accurately conveyed the atmosphere of Kazakhstan. When the fragrance collection is finally complete, it's time to start the production process.


"We are experiencing an era of rapid consumption. The range of chain stores is full of perfume novelties, and the buyer makes a purchase decision in just 5 seconds. Inhaled, did not like it, blotter flew into the bucket, and you go on. It’s a kind of competition: who will sell more. In niche perfumes, everything is different. Scents are complex, multi-component-they are revealed in different ways not only during the day — different seasons, weather, even the mood of their owner can change them beyond recognition. And it is unlikely that you will ever know it one hundred percent”, says Yulia Lukyanenko, the brand's creative director.


Everyone has their own secret


"Listening" to the aromas of Aura Kazakshstan, which continue to live on the skin even after a day, it is very difficult to make a choice and stop at just one. Each of them has an incredible magnetism, and this attraction is felt from the first breath.


Perhaps the most attractive fragrance is "Saga of the Silk Road", created by British perfumer Sarah McCartney. When you get acquainted with it, the plot of many centuries ago is born in your imagination: a caravan slowly gliding through the endless desert. It carries aromatic spices, delicious oils and incense, silk, precious stones and rare woods. Its trail is picked up by a barely perceptible breeze, mixes with the smells of sagebrush and dried grass, and carries away in the direction of the West.


Another, no less complex and multi-faceted fragrance called "Land of Tulips" was created by the French perfumer Sebastian Martin. Soft, bright, velvety, it draws in the mind an absolutely opposite picture. On this canvas, somewhere in the foothills of the Tien Shan, a carpet of spring flowers spreads over the edge of the horizon. It is warmed by the sun's rays, nourished by morning dew and carefully pollinated by bees.


And the most dizzying, piquant and seductive fragrance can be called "Black Gold", created by the hereditary perfumer Lukas Siuzak. His perfume composition seems to be created in the harsh climatic conditions of Western Kazakhstan, saturated with the smell of oil and the salty breeze of the Caspian Sea. This is a subtle aroma of fuel oil and engine oil, expensive leather and whiskey, and also money, success and of course power…


The perfect cut


The bottles are made of the highest quality glass, hand-polished and decorated with a pendant in the form of a bronze coin from the Saka mound on a leather cord. With all their appearance, they seem to tell the owner that in his hands is a piece of the centuries-old history and cultural traditions of the Great Steppe, its soul and genetic code.


On November 27, the expert jury of the international FiFi Awards Russia 2020 unanimously awarded the first prize (Perfume Oscar) to unique AURA bottles and their design among the niche premium segment. Congratulations to the first Kazakhstani producers on this stunning victory!


Today, fragrances from Aura Kazakhstan can be purchased in the brand's stores (Almaty, Seifullin Ave., 510 A, Nur-Sultan, Batkantau str., 213) or ordered on the website www.aurakaz.com. Delivery is carried out worldwide.







Ароматы Родной Земли в работах лучших европейских парфюмеров

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